In the Strategic Plan 2015-2020, the Tadeo Researcher, Innovative and Entrepreneurial encourages the development of research through the strengthening of doctoral training and research groups, their lines and projects, while at the same time actively linking students in semilleros (seedbeds) that allow them to experience the research environment.

The ultimate goal is that these projects will generate innovative technological and social developments. The identification of needs from the productive, social, cultural and natural sectors, is the starting point to develop applied research that contributes significantly to the development of society. Each of the results, either generation of knowledge, training or extension and each product obtained, such as publications, patents or innovations, are delivered to users and beneficiaries.

In the framework of the Institutional Educational Project and its research policy, the Tadeo focuses efforts on training for research as an essential element of the curriculum and student involvement in investigative proceedings through their participation in semilleros (seedbeds).

The Jorge Tadeo Lozano University defines its policy research around seven objectives which establish the guidelines that promote and guide the research conducted by the university community.

Objective 1: Promote research culture as a core activity of academic processes and social outreach.

Objective 2: Strengthen research groups of undergraduate and graduate students.

Objective 3: Support the research, innovation and creation processes.

Objective 4: Develop research of quality and relevance.

Objective 5: Promote mechanisms for strengthening research with the continuity of processes and visibility of results.

Objective 6: Encourage and support processes of creation, with priority given to the Faculty of Human Sciences, Art, and Design.

Objective 7: Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Research funding is carried out with our own resources in a centralized budget called: DICE , which is distributed to different departments through calls that are made by submitting research projects.

The amount of approved resources depends on a clear justification for the work to be performed, which must be made in accordance with the objectives and expected results.

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