Fine Arts
Profesional Universitario
The Fine Arts program of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano has been built upon recognition of the value and importance of art tradition, a commitment to contemporary artistic practices and dynamics to the future, so as to allow the training of artists with command of knowledge of practical, theoretical and poetic order, through creation and research practices.

The Area of Poetic Thinking have an open and purposeful vision of the theory and art history, contrasting the poetic thinking with the reflection on art from different disciplines, and implementing a historiographical perspective on art history. Through its Social Plastic Area, this program strengthens the bond between the artist and society, the intercultural dialogue with the difference, as well as the understanding and practice of diversified roles of the artist in society. Our Program encourages the student autonomy through eight Laboratories of Creation, as an essential part of creation processes understood as builders of new knowledge and sense producers.