Industrial Design

Industrial Design
Profesional Universitario
The focuses of this program are the training processes for the design of object products, interaction and context based on research, creation and innovation for the development of the country.

In line with the institutional approach, the Program of Industrial Design promotes a dynamic training model and Academic Project that takes into account the multiple possibilities for professional development of its students. This is supported by the research processes, creativity and innovation as sources of applied, specific, abstract or experimental thinking that is relevant for the industrial design. 

The goal is that students, instructors, graduates, administrative staff, business men and others interact with the local, regional, national or international realities in order to provide to the development of the country, from the material culture standpoint, a strengthening of human relations and innovation about the use of technologies that are integrated within the project concept.

Reconocimiento personería jurídica: Resolución 2613 del 14 de agosto de 1959 Minjusticia.

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