Specialization in Urban Design
The Program explores the complexity of a city under the systematic point of view for training competent professionals in the urban understanding and the solution of problems by means of design. This is a transdisciplinary academic program aimed to architects, engineers, lawyers, economists, sociologists and other interested professionals in the processes of building a city.

We conceive the urban territory, subject of study in the program, as a manifestation of the natural complexity of the human being both as for creator of its own environment that transforms the social, cultural and technological environment together with the population and national growth.

The city is a complex fact; in order to understand it, and intervene it, it is necessary to approach it from a systematic point of view and the interdisciplinary as the contemporary way of acknowledging that complexity. Today the urban topics have stopped being an exclusive privilege of any discipline when expanding the view in a transversal manner and liking various areas of knowledge and the logics, visions, languages and forms of representing.