TadeoLAB, is an interdisciplinar place, dedicated to :

1) Learning by doing

2) Discovering by experimenting

3) Transform people and places


This three actions are dealing with three main fields :

1) Pedagogy (Classes, Workshops, Conferences, Meetings, Open Days…)

2) Investigation – Creation – Action (Research projects and artistic creations)

3) Social impact (Projects oriented toward social impact) and Innovation using all kind of technologies


This lab is keen to be the proof that we learn better when we learn within interdisciplinary groups, and that knowledge and change -of both people and places- is coming from collaboration. Its purpose is to be an organization as flexible as possible, with the aim to foster investigation, learning and teaching. The lab is a place for questions, a place where the process matters as much as the goal. This is basically an experimentation aimed to inspire others and encourage EVOLUTION. There is no classroom but only spaces to meet people with shared interests crossing arts and sciences. The inspiration who takes place here comes from the huge value of seeing things from another point of view. The work organization remains horizontal, and leans on collaboration, because more than creating professional bonds, we do look for becoming better human beings. It is mainly a place for friendship where students, graduate, professors, officers, citizens and "martians" can meet.


TadeoLAB offers creative methodologies and tools to access to challenging questions and to solve problems. To do so, the ideas are tested, experimented and put on the lights of other competencies and knowledges in order of discovering unexpected paths, leading to positive impact, as well as new challenges and questions to solve.

TadeoLAB is working with a developing net, like a crossroad for ideas and academics projects, where proposals for society can take birth. The dialogue with society is at the heart of the process, in order to find new ways to solve problems and to share and spread knowledge.


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