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Our History

In the mid- seventies the families of Cartagena and surrounding regions had very little alternatives for the professional development of their children, whom had to move most of the times to the universities in the interior of the country where they found more opportunities for higher education. Simultaneously, the city was of particular importance, due to the boom of the economic activities related to foreign trade, the importance of the port, the boom of the industry and international projection of tourism, which involved the expansion of the commercial and urban dynamics of the city. These circumstances indicated the urgent need of training people with professional skills so that it was possible to respond effectively to the new social and cultural economic and technological expectations.

In the first semester of 1976 the courses started in the Schools of Architecture, Foreign Commerce, Tourism Administration by virtue of the order of the Direction Council of the University of  Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano, that authorized the creation of the Caribbean Campus in the city of Cartagena.

In the year 1993, within the framework of the new Higher Education Act, it added the Social Communication and Graphic Design programs. Later in the year 2000, the program of Business Administration arises strengthening this knowledge area together with the Tourism Administration and Foreign Trade. The university offer of programs of the Caribbean Campus is supplemented in 2001 with the inclusion of Advertising.

Complying with the new challenges of the University, attending the needs for training and human talent and considering the local and regional development trends, since 2002 technological programs are offered in: Audiovisual and Multimedia Making: Radio and Television Production and the program about Technology in Agriculture. 

In regards of information on Masters, the Caribbean Campus offers opportunities for training and professional continuous education for executives and civil servants of the Colombian Caribbean region, through specialization in topics related to the interests of development of the companies and institutions, such as: Marketing Management, Environmental Management of Coastal Areas and Urban Planning among others. 

Advantages of studying at the Caribbean Campus (University Jorge Tadeo Lozano)

Here the students have the possibility of developing and expressing different visions and versions of the world, finding meaning to their way of feeling, thinking and knowing through the encounter of Art and Science.

At the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Science and Art have an inclusive and relevant meaning within the context of Cartagena and the region.

At the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano you will find your place, since it admits students with a variety of tastes, needs, academic profiles and sociocultural traits, who through comprehensive training can project themselves as competent professionals and citizens. 

The program Mejores Bachilleres (Best Bachelor Degrees) provides discounts up to a 50% of the cost of the tuition fee for those students outstanding in the Pruebas de Estado (University entrance examination).

In the program Orientación Vocacional (Vocational orientation), the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano contacts the Institutions of Secondary education in order to establish the professional and training interests of our future University students. This allows us to support you in your transition from your school experience to the University life.

Their various forms of credit, allow the student to be able to finance up to 100% of tuition in the medium to long term. And also enjoy discounts for being a member of various entities.

The academic credit system facilitates the curricular flexibility and helps to establish the student’s skills. Moreover depending of their effort, the students can spend less time, or even, study two programs at the same time.

It allows internal interchange within the programs in the Caribbean Campus and the University of Bogota, during a semester, maintaining the cost of the tuition of the Campus of Cartagena. It also offers the possibility of finishing the studies in the Campus of Bogota, through an automatic process of internal validation. 

We favor the research and creation processes, by semilleros (discussion groups), specific projects, groups and activities to update and interchange in academic networks.

It has agreements with prestigious international Universities. And at a local level it has important agreements for social projection.

The Virtual Classroom offers lectures with regional, national and international experts.

It has 6 computer rooms, own radio and television studies, photography laboratory and study, animation room, all of them equipped with state-of- the-art technologies in each area.

It has an alternative site in the historic center of the city that functions as a Cultural Center, where specializations are carried out, graduated classes, continuing education courses and interesting conferences, lectures and workshop with experts. 

It has an on-line library equipped with up to date and specialized publications, and national and international databases, and the possibility of interchanging of publications within the Network of National Libraries. 

It offers a work market that is extended by the academic relationships with the Main Campus in Bogotá and other national and international agreements.

Through the academic programs the students are presented with the possibility of professional work placement, tailored to their interests and needs of the profile in development.

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