Profesional Universitario
It is the oldest program in Cartagena city with long tradition of nearly 40 years, where more than 1200 architects have been trained that have contributed to the city, region and country development as freelancers or professionals related to well known companies both in private and public fields.

Besides being satisfied with the good performance of its graduates, the program is proud of having contributed to create awareness about the richness of the urban and architectural heritage of Cartagena in particular, and the other cities of Colombia and Latin America in general, and the importance of preserving the heritage for the socio-economic and cultural development of its inhabitants.

Reconocimiento personería jurídica: Resolución 2613 del 14 de agosto de 1959 Minjusticia.

Institución de Educación Superior sujeta a inspección y vigilancia por el Ministerio de Educación Nacional.