Profesional Universitario
The advertising program promotes the creative development of the student, who acquires from the very beginning the principles that will allow him/ her to introduce conceptual and form variations in the preparation of the messages. The creative process in each of its components: perception, codification and connection, nurtures itself from the selective information of topics that should be related to the field to be modified. The student familiarizes with the figures of speech that will allow him/her the use, amongst others, of metaphorical language hence enriching his/hers “sales pitch”.

The program allows the student to deepen in the knowledge of communication per se, those that form the group of middle agents with specific languages, those, the publicist must know, since a great part of the effectiveness of the advertising activity depends on the selection of the proper platform and means through which the different messages will be launched. The design of strategies reinforces the creative approach, the communication strategy and the production of the advertising campaign itself.

It is necessary to connect the student to the knowledge that will allow him/her to deepen in the study of different theories of specific advertising related topics, as well as the implementation of different tools and necessary techniques to shape the advertising message.  The student receives the knowledge of the profession by means of closely related courses, focusing his/hers interest in the knowledge of planning, strategies developing and the creative process for the production of the sales pitch.

Within the study of advertising knowledge, the analysis of the different theories and creativity trends will be supplemented with internships and workshops that enable their development, since the advertising campaigns without a great creative ingredient will fail to meet their specific goals. Is the constant search for new ideas and concepts where the advertising profession acquires creative ways of expression by using graphic tools, rhetoric, both audio and visual that are apparent by using the advertising language while acquiring new autonomous ways of expression.