Master in Architecture
The Master in Architecture of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, sets up the relationships between the Architecture Project and its context, this is the purpose that will allow to move ahead in building the local knowledge, within the framework of the universal scope. In this manner, the program tries to answer the questions that are part of the relationship between architecture and other human kind manifestations.

The Master in Architecture at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano is addressed to professionals of architecture and related disciplines, with the purpose of getting closer to the knowledge of the project of Architecture in the context that had influenced its design and development and also in the current context, that is to say, on how it is interpreted today.

The Context in this program is conceived as a concept that goes beyond the simple physical environment, in which the work is located, id est, as a network of conceptual, physical and cultural relationships that, at any given moment, were assumed by the designer either consciously or unconsciously.  Regarding the concept there are architecture ideas for the time being. As for the physical aspect of it, the city is a great container of architecture work, with its own specific characteristics. Regarding the cultural aspect, the meanings attributed to the language of the architecture are reflected in the time of the project. This dialogue between the past and present of the architectonical project can even be transferred to a future vision.

The Master’s Program of Architecture of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano it is implemented through two types of academic activities: the theoretical seminar and the laboratory or workshop in which the work is carried out in the three thematic fields as follows: speech, city and culture.   

In the theoretical seminars of the first year the work will be carried out through readings, essays and debates. In the workshop/laboratory, within the same period of time, the work will be in proposed specific, existing or imagined projects (for example non-built projects) in which its understanding is extended in the three dimensions of the program. The second year focus it is directed towards the graduate project, in which the research component acquires special importance.  Research is defined not only as records and documents but also the project research, this is to say, the project as a research field.