Chemistry Engineering

Chemistry Engineering
Profesional Universitario
It is conceived as a discipline whose target is the analysis, design, planning, optimization and control of processes and products, in which physical, chemical and biotechnological changes are made. The program focuses on engineering of biological systems, clean production, use of computer tools and nanotechnology. These trends promote sustainable development and modernization of the national small, medium and large industry in a changing, globalized and competitive environment. In order to face these challenges, the syllabus is based in sound knowledge of basic sciences and engineering techniques, together with a humanistic component in order to obtain comprehensive training.

The Chemistry Engineer of Utadeo (University Jorge Tadeo Lozano) will have a sound scientific, technical and humanist training with social responsibility and sustainable development criteria. He or she will contribute to the analysis, research and development, planning and optimization of processes and products through the efficient use of the natural resources, considering the energetic and environmental aspects. For this reason uses new and relevant technological tools, such bioprocesses, nanotechnology, clean production and computer tools resources in compliance with the new global trends in this discipline.

Reconocimiento personería jurídica: Resolución 2613 del 14 de agosto de 1959 Minjusticia.

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