Film and Television
Profesional Universitario
The Film and Television Program addresses knowledge and disciplines committed with the training of professionals for the film and television industry. It focuses on the study of technical, artistic, communicative and administrative processes, in order to promote suitable skills for the production of narrative works for the screen. It is defined through a curriculum with four main axes of knowledge: the script, direction, cinematography and production. Graduates will be well trained in major methodologies of film production, as well as administrative operation of the film production companies and television.

This program offers training with the image and for the image, where on one the hand, it aims for the students to be able to understand the image, and on the other hand, to create it. Along these lines, the production for the screen is defined as a way of creative and social expression; this also means that the classroom is seen as a stage for discussion on the different ways to watch the reality. 

Professors, graduates, and students of the Film and Television Program are present in the media through participation in festivals and contests, social outreach and social inclusion events; and in the making of independent projects, and works of research and creativity. 

The Program, like all the other programs offered by the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano consists of a humanistic content (complementary integral formation), a basic component of communication and audio-visual language, a specific component (proper subjects of the profession) and a flexible component.