Industrial Engineering
Profesional Universitario
Acquire competencies for exercising Industrial Engineering, by deepening in areas such as industrial logistics, production, quality, hygiene, and safety, industrial processes and formulation and assessment of projects.

This academic program is aimed to systematically seek for the improvement of processes in all types of organization, in both production and services. The Industrial Engineer of Utadeo (University Jorge Tadeo Lozano)  will be skilled to optimize the available resources in order to manage, operate, maintain and administer the production systems, of goods and services systems, in the search of greater productivity, quality, flexibility, competitively and profitability; as well as assimilating, developing and adjusting the appropriate technology to achieve the social and economical benefit, with a clear awareness of the sustainable management of resources. In the interest of accomplishing these goals the student will relay in the knowledge coming from the basic sciences applied to Industrial Engineering, with substantial emphasis in human aspects so that completeness is achieved when exercising the profession.