Marine Biology
Profesional Universitario
It is the only program in the country that has been studying the marine environment for 50 years. It has an Excellent Quality Accreditation since 2003 in its Campus of Bogota and Santa Marta, a teaching staff with high scientific training and active research groups.

The Marine Biology program at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano has trained, ever since its creation in 1962, the precursor human resources in the studies and research of the Colombian seas and has been pioneer in Colombia in everything related to marine research. This is the only undergraduate program in the Colombian University that grants the title of Marine Biologist.   

The training takes place for approximately five years, out of which, the first three are taught in the University main Campus of Bogota and the two last years in the city of Santa Marta where the institution has another Campus with all the equipment and administrative support for a proper development.

A line of training has been set in place from the undergraduate up to the PhD in Marine Sciences passing through a Master of Marine Sciences so that the student completes his/her training about Marine studies.