Master in Semiotics

Master in Semiotics
The Master in Semiotics provides an academic space to strengthen, in the field of social science and professions related to communication and artistic creation, the reflection about processes of signification and communication based on acquiring methodology and semiotic concept frames for the analysis of the different cultural phenomena that are established from the interrelation of different forms of expression.

The purpose of semiotics consists of, precisely, researching how different signification practices are possible, hence trying to develop theoretical proposals that allow describing the functioning of the different sign systems and the generation of meaning in general. The production and set in place of the different meaning orders determine, possibly in a manner clearer than ever that thing that defines us as individuals and community. It is certainly, and ambitious project and, for that reason, it is difficult to determine, however, the scope of its interest has turn out profitable in order to establish a dialogue among the different disciplines that, in a way, share the same goal of the semiotics. The goal is, that of explaining how the generation and circulation of the objects of meaning is possible. Likewise, the philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, linguistics and literary studies, but also areas that we could consider more practical such as design, advertising, arts, film or television, among others, are discipline or professional fields that repeatedly show interest in semiotics, either, to carry out considerations from a theoretical point of view, or to approach the description of the functioning of the different significant practices that define and harmonize a world of meaning.

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