Political Science and Government

Political Science and Government
Profesional Universitario
The program aims to train graduates with high human and intellectual qualities, competitive in exercising leadership, political analysis and research, both at public and private level; with solid academic foundations and critical thinking, social responsibility and civic ethics, aware of the political and socio-economic realities of society, capable of undertaking roles of leadership in the country and creating a positive impact in their environment.

The University Jorge Tadeo Lozano offers an integral approach of the discipline. Only four are the Universities nationwide that offer orientation about the Government and a fourth one about Government and International Relations. In Bogota, only three institutions have included it in the training process of a political scientist and UTadeo (University Jorge Tadeo Lozano) is one of them. 

The strengths of the educational projects of Utadeo (University Jorge Tadeo Lozano), are in the transdisciplinary training of its graduates. Together with the consolidated Law program and other high-quality programs such as International Relations and Social Communication and Journalism, the graduates get close not only to the national political processes but also the international ones and thanks to the process of the dual degree they can supplement their training and orientation, becoming professionals with better skills and more competitive in the labor market.

Reconocimiento personería jurídica: Resolución 2613 del 14 de agosto de 1959 Minjusticia.

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