Specialization in Financial Management – Santa Marta
This program is part of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and it was created to respond to the professional requirements in areas of the economics, administrative and accounting sciences, whose performance requires deepening into the management and finances knowledge so that it can be applied to direction or management functions of the organizations. The approach of the management part, responds to the need for training of business leaders capable in decision-making to effectively addressing organizational management and financial approach as it requires a comprehensive knowledge of the entire organization on which corporate sustainability is based. It addresses the critical aspects of finance today from working capital management, financial modeling of high performance, risk management to the strategy to develop talent.

Specialization deepens in knowledge areas of economics, law, administration, accounting and finance; advanced finance and research in the fields of basic, specific, research and flexible training.

Its goal is to train specialists in Financial Management, qualified to develop skills in direction and financial management of organizations that are capable to design, plan, define strategies and develop financial instruments to offer investment strategies; maximizing profitability; risk administration and financial assessment of companies, that face globalization; the uncertainty and complexity of today's business world; increasing foreign investment; coming into effect of the Free Trade Agreements -FTA-; changes in the behavior of the stock markets.