Energy Transition in Latinamerica

Bogotá, Colombia
20 to 22 November, 2022


The Latin American Association for Energy Economics (ALADEE),  the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and World Energy Council (WEC) have the pleasure to invite you to attend the 8th Latin American Conference that will be held in Bogota, Colombia on 20-21-22 November 2022. 

8th ELAEE Energy Transition in Latin America, will bring experts in energy economics from industry and from academy to discuss and explore issues related to the energy transition.


Conference topics

Abstract should be focused on one or more of the following topics:


Oil and gas markets

Unconventional resources, exploration and production in deep waters, international trade, the role of LNG. 

Geopolitics of energy

Latin American shale oil and gas, deepwater production.

Electricity Markets

Integration of renewables, capacity markets, flexibility, storage, intraday markets, cross-border effects. 

Energy and finance

Climate risks, financial markets, investments, coverage, renewable energy financing, insurance and guarantee markets.

Energy demand

Elasticity of demand, energy efficiency, behavioral economics.

Country studies

Energy transition, general lessons, emerging and developing countries.

Energy and society

Poverty and sustainability, universal access, affordability. 

Energetic politics

Legislation and economics, network regulation, international institutions. 

Climate change

Promotion of renewable sources and energy efficiency, electric vehicles, deep decarbonization.

Disruptive innovation and energy transition

Business models, technological change.io tecnológico. 

Energy and macroeconomics

Energy in times of crisis, international trade, innovation, promotion of investments in new technologies, fiscal impacts in the energy sector, energy subsides.

Local Governments

Consumer associations, land use, urbanization. 

System integration

Interaction between different energy sources and sectors.

Energy and transport

Electrification, hydrogen, biofuels.

Regional energy integration

Infrastructure and renewable energy, international interconnection.





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